Beat the Class - Lothar Matthäus meets golden javelin star Thomas Röhler

Published on 18 July 2022

Bayern Munich legend against Olympic champion, football against javelin, Lothar Matthäus against Thomas Röhler. In our special Beat the Class episode, skilful legs tackle strong throwing arms - and for the first time, the challenge takes place at sporting eye level. Who will keep their cool in the end?

Our latest challenge demands everything from German football legend Lothar Matthäus and javelin thrower from Jena, Thomas Röhler, Olympic champion in 2016 and European champion two years later. Who will prevail, the celebrity or the athlete?

For the first time as athlete meets athlete, this unique Beat the Class challenge pits two sporting greats against each other. Albeit with dissimilar projectiles. The javelin is more than two and a half metres long and weighs 800 grams. Famously, a football is round with a diameter of 22 centimetres and weighs 300 grams. However, you can hit hard with both.

But risk-taking and skill are also essential. Three disciplines are on the agenda: who can shoot furthest, who can take best aim and who can dominate the goal wall?

In the first two rounds, one of the two convinces with the same precision as a watchmaker. The third round is a genuinely tough, as the goal wall turns out to be an unexpected challenge for the former footballer. A draw!

A decider is needed as the sport stars swap their equipment. Who can convince in the alien sport: Röhler as the new football god? Or will Matthäus spear him on his javelin debut?

If you are curious to find out if the javelin or the football comes out on top (and if Röhler survives everything unscathed), watch the new episode here!

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