Munich 2022 is packing sporty Christmas presents

In December 2021, the fourth project of the Count & Last initiative with the theme "Munich 2022 is packing sporty Christmas presents" started. During this month we packed and sent Christmas gifts, which contained sport equipment to children in Eastern Europe. Because all of us probably own a ball or a skipping rope at home, which is no longer in use, but still in great shape. We received several parcels from schools, universities, companies, associations and clubs. Our project partner humedica delivered the gifts to the children.


Christmas gifts have been packed so far


Christmas gifts are the objective by end of December

Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts

Old shoeboxes were covered with Christmas paper and filled with small sporty presents, that included jumping, ball & throwing games as well games of skill. Many balls, jerseys and backpacks were also favourite gifts in the packages. The parcels were handed in and sent in with a little Christmas greeting.

Special thanks to all parcel packers and project supporters!

Facts & Figures

  • Objective: 500 Christmas gifts
  • Time frame: 01-31 December 2021
  • What can I put in the package? (PDF)
  • Packing instructions: (PDF)
  • Who will get my gift? Your package were sent to Eastern Europe.

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