“Class of 22” kicks off two-year countdown to European Championships Munich 2022

Munich Olympic Stadium turned into an open-air cinema

The countdown to the European Championships Munich 2022 was officially started on Tuesday, with an exclusive premiere of the “Class of 22” marking the two-years-to-go milestone. 

With the historic Munich Olympic Stadium turned into an open-air cinema and the event streamed live online, the audience on-site and world-wide was introduced to the members of the “Class of 22” and presented with the first two episodes of this documentary. 

The monthly series will follow 13 aspiring German athletes on their path to Munich 2022, whetting the appetite for what is to come in two years’ time. From youth prospects to medal candidates, the protagonists mirror the diversity of the European Championships and offer an intimate insight into the life of a professional athlete.  

The spotlight is on:

  • Alma Bestvater (Climbing)
  • Franca and Simon Henseleit (Triathlon)
  • Christina Hering (Athletics | 800 Metres)
  • Max Lemke (Canoe Sprint); Lara Lessmann (Cycling | BMX Freestyle)
  • Bo Kanda Lita Baehre (Athletics | Pole Vault)
  • Felix Remuta (Artistic Gymnastics)
  • Gudrun Stock (Cycling | Track)
  • Julius Thole and Clemens Wickler (Beach Volleyball)
  • Sabine Winter (Table Tennis)
  • Oliver Zeidler (Rowing). 

Munich-based music duo Umme Block, authors of the “Class of 22” soundtrack, topped the evening off with their performances and delivered a first taste of the cultural programme that will be an essential component of the European Championships Munich 2022. 


All “Class of 22” episodes will be published on the official Munich 2022 YouTube channel, with further content on social media rounding out the athletes’ journey and allowing fans to learn more about their personalities. 


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