Time for commitment

Count & Last is an initiative of the European Championships Munich 2022, contributing to the ecological, social, and economic sustainability of Munich 2022.

In addition to specific measures within the organisation of the multi-sport event, the initiative includes 12 challenges everyone – from young to old – can participate in and make a difference.



From the kids' room to Olympiapark: For our first project, we are collecting 22,000 LEGO® bricks for Munich 2022. They are small, colourful and will make our event more accessible. Join us in building ramps, not only for wheelchair users!

Make it count, make it last

One pillar of the Count & Last initiative comprises 12 projects that call for active participation.

  • 12 projects that bring our values to life.
  • 12 projects everyone can take part in.
  • 12 projects with a common goal in mind.
  • 12 projects implemented with exclusive partners.
  • 12 projects based on community, team spirit, and the idea of a meaningful future.

We want to leave an inspiring and lasting legacy to all participants and future sport events and strengthen the image of major sport events, the City of Munich and Olympiapark.

From 1 September, every month a new project will be announced here on our website.

Look forward to 12 exciting challenges, be part of the initiative and join us on the road to the European Championships Munich 2022!



The second pillar of Count & Last is the sustainability strategy of Munich2022 with its planned measures. We focus on six selected topics from all three dimensions of sustainability, known as the triple bottom line.


Lena Bernheine