Elevating the champions of Europe

The original vision of the multi-sport European Championships – to create a must-watch, must-attend event that elevates the Champions of Europe – remains unchanged for the second edition of the event.

To become a European Champion means that you are the best out of 750 million people on the continent in your chosen sport. The participating sports, host city Munich and broadcast partner, the European Broadcasting Union are determined to increase the level of awareness and recognition this achievement deserves.

The core values that define the European Championships are also supported by the hosting of the event in Munich:


The European Championships unites nine European Championships “under one roof” in Munich. The participating Federations and Munich are working together in a spirit of collaboration to find common solutions that unite us in our mutual goals to elevate the participating sports and their athletes.


Europe is a diverse collection of countries and cultures. Munich 2022 features nine Olympic and two Paralympic sports, including individual, team and ball sports, that bring together a diverse collection of athletes, disciplines, skills, expertise and human excellence.


The European Championships Munich 2022 will touch the hearts and minds of millions, including the next generation of young athletes, as they witness unexpected and unforgettable moments that create and celebrate new European Champions. The iconic Munich Olympiapark, Olympic Regatta Centre, downtown Munich and streets of the city will be the inspirational backdrop to the action.


There is over 500 years of shared history and heritage between the nine sports that make up the European Championships Munich 2022, with the event an appropriate celebration of the longevity of the Olympiapark on its 50th anniversary.


Ensuring that the multi-sport European Championships is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable for host cities is a key element in the philosophy underpinning the concept. A compelling part of Munich’s bid was its emphasis on financial viability and use of existing facilities and landmarks minimizing environmental impact.

Find out more at the official multi-sport European Championships website.

European Championships Management

European Championships Management

European Championships Management Sàrl (ECM) is the organisation that founded the multi-sport European Championships, and which manages and coordinates the event in cooperation with the participating Federations, host cities and broadcast partners, continuously developing the event concept. ECM coordinates the overall timetable of the individual championships to maximise media exposure as well as TV spectator experience, with a uniform brand and overall medal table and trophy other unifying elements of the event.