Here we answer all important questions about the volunteer programme.

We require a few thousand volunteers, therefore the chances are very high. We would like to allow everyone who is willing to volunteer, to become a volunteer. Should there be no more open spots, or in case you do not fulfil the requirements, we reserve the right to cancel.

You can update your data by logging into the volunteer portal and changing your details. Should you have any questions, please contact us via email at volunteers@munich2022.com

Yes, when you register you can indicate whether you would like to volunteer with friends. To do so, please come up with a team name that each of you enters in the field “Team name”. We will do our best to assign roles and shifts so that you can participate together. However, it is necessary for you to enter the same availability. 

No, to become a volunteer you do not necessarily have to be from Munich. Please note that you have to arrange your own accommodation during your engagement. Please check the section AccommodationOptions for further information. 

You must be 18 years old to participate as a volunteer. The cut-off date is 1 June 2022.

In order to participate as a volunteer, you need a valid permit.

Yes. As a requirement for participation, you only have to be 18 years old or older, German or English speaking, and in possession of a valid permit.

As a volunteer you have to speak either German or English fluently. One out of the two is sufficient. Other languages are considered an advantage.

No. As a volunteer you are helping on a voluntary basis. You will not receive any payment. However, you will enjoy various other benefits during the event. For further information, please check the section Benefits for Volunteers

No. No previous knowledge is required for most areas. Special knowledge is only required for a few specific areas.

On average, a shift lasts around 8 hours, including a break. However, the shifts vary depending on the tasks, and they can also be significantly shorter or longer. You will receive your shift schedule before your assignment so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.

Yes, there is a break so you can have a meal at the Volunteer Centre, spend free time with other volunteers or simply enjoy the event.

You will receive your accreditation as well as your uniform in the Olympiapark. The Accreditation Centre is expected to be operational at the beginning of July 2022. Credentials and uniforms can be picked up accordingly.

When the acceptance letters are sent out in winter 2021, you will find out which area you have been assigned to and what tasks await you. You will receive details about your assignment via info e-mails, at the planned kick-off event in spring 2022 and during on-site training.

There are various areas to choose from. When registering, you can indicate your preference as to which area you would like to volunteer in. Depending on the respective requirements and your availability, we will assign you to your preferred area or suggest an alternative.

In spring 2022, digital training materials will be available to prepare you for your volunteer assignment in the best possible way. A volunteer kick-off is also planned, depending on how the pandemic evolves. Before your assignment, you will be trained on site to familiarise with your tasks. The training serves as a basis for your assignment, so it is essential to take part in it.

In addition to the digital training materials, which will be made available in spring 2022, the planned volunteer kick-off event will take place approximately two months prior to the event; here you will receive general information and get to know your contact persons and fellow volunteers. The most important training, however, is the on-site training, where we will introduce you to your tasks. It will take place shortly before your first assignment.

The scope depends on your tasks. In more complex fields, the training can take several days.

In addition to general information about the event itself and the volunteer programme, you will get to know your exact tasks. You will be shown your location, potentially needed equipment will be explained, and you will be introduced to your contact person and the other volunteers in your field.

The on-site training will take place directly at your location for you to get to know the venue, the routes, and your tasks. You will be informed about the location and date of your training in due course.

Please inform us as soon as possible via e-mail at volunteers@munich2022.com in case you can no longer participate as a volunteer. We will have to reschedule and look for a replacement.

If you get ill before or during your assignment, please contact your area manager as soon as possible so that he or she can find a replacement in time.

The on-site training is important for you to get to know your tasks and is considered a mandatory appointment. If you cannot attend the on-site training, please let us know in time for us to find a good solution.

As a volunteer you are responsible to arrange your own accommodation. However, we will do our best to help and offer affordable accommodation. You can note in your registration form whether you need support finding accommodation. 

We are trying to establish cooperations with hostels and camping sites so you can book a place to sleep at a reasonable rate.

If there is great demand for low-cost accommodation for volunteers, we might be able to rent a sports hall which volunteers can use for their overnight stay. This means that around 100-200 volunteers would sleep in one hall. Air matrasses, etc. would not be offered; however, sanitary facilities would be available for volunteers. You can indicate your interest in these kind of accommodation options in the registration form.

Our catering partner will take care of the volunteers' meals. If you are assigned to the Olympiapark, the catering will be provided at the Volunteer Centre. At all other venues you will receive your catering at the respective location. We will pay attention to vegan and vegetarian options and provide food and drinks in sufficient quantities.

As a volunteer you are part of the Munich 2022 team, witnessing the action up close and getting an exclusive look behind the scenes of the event. You won’t be compensated, but you enjoy exclusive benefits as part of your volunteer assignment: 

  • Entry to the competitions 
  • Official event apparel 
  • Food and drinks
  • Public transport ticket for Munich
  • Look behind the scenes
  • Volunteer certificate
  • Gifts and much more!

As a volunteer, we offer you the opportunity to watch competitions free of charge between your assignments. This offer is only available to volunteers and is subject to availability as we cannot guarantee that there will be free spots at the desired event.

Yes. As a volunteer you will be able to get to your assigned venue without any costs, with a free ticket for the public transport in Munich.

Our Volunteer Programme