Meet our mascot, Gfreidi!

We proudly present our official mascot Gfreidi! This original Munich squirrel just cannot wait for European Championships Munich 2022. The anticipation is endless! For the nine European Championships. For the varied festival programme. For the many athletes and visitors from all over Europe, whom it can bring closer its hometown and a piece of Bavarian culture.

Gfreidi is lively, active, curious, and clever - the perfect face for our diverse multi-sport event. Here we introduce Gfreidi in more detail and explain what makes our mascot special and what its name means.

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From a drawing to Olympiapark

From a drawing to Olympiapark

In spring 2021, we started a special competition: Kids aged from 3-13 were asked what their dream mascot for Munich 2022 would look like and given the freedom to be creative. We received over 600 drawings and handicrafts, which were judged by an expert jury. Our final choice was far from easy, but in the end a sporty squirrel wearing a traditional Bavarian hat and shorts was chosen. The now 8-year-old Stephanie from Nuremberg was the creative artist behind the first draft! She has already had the opportunity to meet Gfreidi in person and will see it LIVE in action in August. 

Bavarian for beginners

Certainly, all Bavarians may enjoy a little advantage when it comes to the name of our mascot, but Gfreidi will also quickly roll off the tongues of everyone else. "Gfrei Di!" means nothing other than "Be happy!" - and you have every reason to be. Together we will celebrate the biggest multi-sport event in Germany since the 1972 Olympic Games. Look forward to a unique event experience in Olympiapark and the whole of Munich! Look forward to emotions and stories that can only be found in sport! Look forward to Bavarian charm and our colourful festival "The Roofs"! Look forward to Gfreidi, who awaits you with open arms and a smile!

Are you as excited as Gfreidi?

Gfreidi is wacking its tail in anticipation of the European Championships and is diligently following what is happening to its home in Olympiapark and all over Munich. Are you in on the latest news? Sign up for our newsletter and always stay up to date.

Pretty flashy

In terms of character, we couldn't have asked for a more fitting mascot, but Gfreidi's outfit - from head to toe - perfectly reflects Munich 2022 as well. So, let's start at the top: The traditional hat is typically Bavarian. Here, a sense of belonging to home and tradition meet the European Championships, as the chamois beard picks up on the colours of the nine sports and expresses the colourful diversity of the event.

With one for each sport, Gfreidi's shirt collection is just as colourful. On the other hand, the shorts remain dark blue - the main colour of the European Championships - event logo included. The light blue shoes reflect the colour of the Munich 2022 lettering and represent Munich, the host city.

Sporty all-rounder
Sporty all-rounder
Sporty all-rounder

Sporty all-rounder

Sporty and active - that's a great description of Gfreidi's lifestyle. Curious by nature, our mascot loves to try out new sports. The European Championships are just the thing! Whether it's individual, team or ball sports, we’ve got you covered! Fast, agile, and alert, it’s a good thing that Gfreidi feels just as much at home on firm ground as at lofty heights. So, get into your sports gear and LET’S GO!