Memorable moments: The Roofs festival

 Published on 14 September 2022 

Following the biggest multi-sport event in Germany since the 1972 Olympic Games, we are looking back on 11 days of sport and our The Roofs festival, which took place in Olympiapark, at Königsplatz, the Olympic Regatta Centre and further sport venues around Munich. The event started with our grand Opening including stars like Sportfreunde Stiller and Marteria, but what else happened in the days that followed? Let’s wind back time and take stock. 

The diverse programme had something to offer for young and old, music lovers, foodies, art connoisseurs, sport enthusiasts and everything in between. And best of all, it was free of charge! 

772 programme items were divided onto 11 Roofs – each with its own themed world: Music and creativity met kids’ play, tradition and so much more. 

150 different artists among them LUNA, ELIF and GAYLE honoured the Central Stage. While projects such as the Sports Badge and the Champions Garden honed in on everyone’s understanding of sustainability and what each of us can do day-to-day. In total, 1.47 million visitors came to experience Munich 2022 with their senses in person. And they completed 30,000 challenges with 4,000 people earning their Sports Badge, trying out all nine Olympic sports that crowned new European champions at Munich 2022. All of the medallists were given a potted plant to add to the Champions Garden and leave behind a lasting legacy instead of a soon-to-be-wilted-bouquet. 

All medal ceremonies for athletics and the Fair Play Award for Nahuel Carabaña were handed out to their respective new owners in front of the up-close fans and diverse festival crowd. Just a stone throw away children could play in their own world; tech fans were able to learn about upcoming technology and art connoisseurs followed along as graffiti artists brought a new piece of art to life over the timespan of the event. 

The festival was a space for everyone. And we hope you too will hold on to these memories. If you want to relive all the highlights of The Roofs, head over to our Instagram account


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