Hand in Hand – Because YOU matter!

Mental Health in Sports

In everyday sporting life, the focus is normally on the physical component in the form of fitness, but mental health should also receive equal attention. On 1 January 2022, our fifth project of the Count & Last initiative will start. This month the focus is on mental health in sport. We will look at mental health with all its facets: From respect for one’s own self and for other persons as well as defining personal values and beliefs.

The Future Class of 22 is setting an example! In times of the pandemic, the community makes it possible to bring the joy of moving and the values of sport closer to teens and young adults. We will offer workshops in physical education and sport clubs as well as digitally, where the community can deal with the topic in a playful manner while moving.

Be part of the project. Sign up for one of our online workshops or run it yourself with your sports group!


hands have been collected


hands are our objective

Set an example!
Set an example!
Set an example!

Set an example!

After successfully completing the workshop, the participants symbolically label a hand with the topics that are important to them personally and/or to their immediate surroundings. At the end of the project, all hands will be transformed into one big piece of artwork. During our The Roofs festival we will exhibit it and share our "Because YOU matter" message with all visitors.

Three subject areas

Mental health and language sensitization:

The participants learn alternatives for critical words through relay games and playfully expand their knowledge of mental health.

Rendering premature judgements and building trust:

The participants learn to accept and not to judge about the expectations and attitudes of the other participants in an active role play.

Open communication:

In the well-known game ‘Fire-Water-Air’, the participants take a stand on social statements. 

Facts & Figures

  • Objective: 500 hands 
  • Period: 1 – 31 January 2022
  • Workshop date: 16 January, 5 p.m. (duration: approx. 1.5 hours, 3x 30min)


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