Biking for Mobility

The ninth Count & Last project is all about you and your bike! It does not matter if you ride your bike to work every day, if you like to go for a bike ride at the weekend or if cycling is a professional sport for you: This month in "Europe-May", every kilometre counts! Bicycles are regular, everyday items for most, but in some places in the world, individual mobility is not a given. With your help and sponsorship from Haufe-Lexware, we will donate bicycles to people in rural areas where public transport is lacking and going on foot is necessary. Having a bike here would not only mean a quicker mode of transport, but also allow for the exchange of goods, and better access to education and medical care.


Now, let´s get get going! At European Championships Munich 2022, nine different sports will establish their European champions. That's why we´ve set the goal of cycling around Europe together nine times - which translates to at least 128,727 km! The kilometers you cycle will be directly converted into bicycles together with our partner "Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit" (GIZ), on behalf of the German Minitry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), within the framework of Sport for Development (SfE). We will make sure that every metre you cover is exchanged into a bike component donation.


currently cycled kilometres



Conversion of kilometres

Bike Component km
 Frame 750
Carrier 510
Saddle 280
Handlebars 270
Brakes 250
Spokes 220
Chain 160
Stand 140
Mudguard 120
Pedals 90
Grips 40
Reflectors 30
Bell 20
Valve 14

Bike to Mobilise Others - step by step

Want to support international mobility by simply biking to work, to a friend, or by biking on the weekends? Grab your bike and follow this simple 3-step instruction to participate in May 2022!

  1. Get on your bike and download the Strava app.
  2. Join the Munich 2022 Strava Club.
  3. Track your cycled kilometres in Strava and motivate your friends and family to cycle with you!

Instead of tracking in the Munich 2022 Strava Club, you can also enter your cycled kilometres manually via the following button.

What happens with the donated bikes? Together, we want to promote sustainable development, which includes thinking about the lasting use of donated bikes. In order to preserve increased economic potential, quality of life and the joy that is donated with the bicycles in the long term, you can participate by making a voluntary donation to our partner World Bicycle Relief. And of course, every Euro counts!

Final sprint

Final sprint

On World Bike Day GIZ will host a discussion with a panel of experts to look at the bicycle as a mobility alternative and its potential in an international context. After your exceptional performance, the bicycle donations from the officially cycled kilometres will be handed over to the World Bicycle Relief on 3 June with the mascot Gfreidi in attendance.


  • Objective: circumnavigate Europe 9 times = 128,727 km
  • Time period: 1-31 May 2022
  • Tracking method: Munich 2022 Strava Club or manual entry via the Count & Last website
  • Scoring: 3.687km = 1 bike (Proportional scoring possible)
  • Final sprint: on 3 July, World Bike Day

Sport for Development
Sustainable mobility in Albania
Sustainable mobility in Albania

Sustainable mobility in Albania

Tirana, the capital of Albania, wants to enable all people to access the economy, trade, economic consumption and everyday needs. This requires sustainable and low-emission transport planning as well as a well-functioning local public transport system. The bicycle plays an important role in this and is directly considered in the planning of the transport infrastructure.


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