Our sustainability strategy for Munich 2022

In 1972, a true masterpiece came to life. The architects of the Olympiapark created a multifunctional venue in the beating heart of Munich that is still considered the most sustainable Olympic venue in the world today. 50 years later, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment, our society and the economy.

Therefore, we want to leave an inspiring and sustainable legacy for all visitors, the City of Munich and upcoming sporting events. With this vision in mind, six focus topics have been identified.

We have outlined our path to sustainability in a comprehensive pre-event report (as of November 2021).

Re-use of sports venues and equipment

During the bidding phase sustainability had already been set as an important landmark for this event. From the start the original Olympic venues were to be the focus of Munich 2022. By primarily using existing training and competition venues we avoid building spaces that might not be used later.

Temporary buildings will be rented, reused or upcycled (e.g. recycle plastic waste winners' podiums back into plastic bottles). Sports equipment, if not merely rented, will be sold or donated to schools, universities and sports clubs.

CO2-neutral transport and mobility

The European Championships will welcome around one million visitors to Munich. Transport and mobility represent the largest share of the CO₂ footprint at the European Championships Munich 2022, at around 65 percent. But our goal is that transport and mobility at the European Championships 2022 should become climate neutral as well!

Therefore, incentives are to be created to increase the use of public transport. The Local Organising Committee (LOC) has joined forces with MVV for the event. All visitors will therefore receive an included MVV ticket with their ticket purchase for the European Championships! An adapted MVV timetable and an increased frequency of buses and trains are planned in accordance with the event times. Furthermore, contact has already been made with mobility service providers to enable discounted offers throughout Germany.

For more than 15 years, Munich has also been promoting cycling, for example through the "Radlhauptstadt (Cycling Capital)" campaign. In order to offer cyclists the greatest possible comfort at the venues, rental bicycles and bicycle racks are to be provided.

Waste and littering

The waste management of the European Championships 2022 shall be environmentally friendly. We aim to achieve the highest possible recycling rate of the waste generated. The use of reusable tableware should also reduce the overall amount of waste. Furthermore, measures should be taken to keep littering at the event site as low as possible, such as water dispensers, accreditations made of ocean plastic and, among other things, the decision to forgo a printed programme brochure. Instead, we’ll rely on electronic documents and a modern event app.

Inclusion and accessibility

In order to make the event venues accessible and experienceable for as many guests as possible, we’ve incorporated a high proportion of wheelchair-accessible sports venues. In addition, people with disabilities and the National Disabled Sports Association will be involved in the organisational structure of the European Championships 2022 and thus an inclusion committee will be implemented.

Tickets for people with disabilities are already available for purchase in the ticket shop, which offers free add-ons such as sign language interpreters or headsets with audio description. On site near these separate seats will be volunteers from the "inclusion" team, some of whom can sign.

Local added value

The City of Munich is supposed to benefit from the staging of the European Championships in terms of the economy as a whole and to become more attractive in the long term. To achieve that we plan to make regional art, culture and the gastronomy scene part of Munich 2022. In addition, we are creating the concept of "The Roofs - Festival of Munich 22" with a long-term goal in mind, as it is the hope to implement it as an annual festival.

Effects on competitive and sport in general

Through the charisma of major sporting events, it should be possible to motivate people to exercise more and lead a healthier lifestyle in the long term, and to achieve a positive effect on mass and competitive sport. Hands-on sporting activities such as the 10 km race on the marathon course will activate the visitors to move their bodies. With our Future Class of 22, school children too will be inspired to move and exercise with attractive sports programmes.


München 2022