From Munich to Uganda

Let’s play table tennis! ​

Munich 2022 is calling for the longest digital table tennis rally, looking to create a big impact with the help of team spirit. Get to know the third project of our Count & Last initiative, which starts on 1 November 2021.  

Anyone can take part! In addition to well-known athletes and public figures, the children of Slum Ping Pong are also involved in the activity. The Slum Ping Pong project uses table tennis to provide children living in slums of Kampala with more happiness and access to education. 

Support the project and win amazing prices! 

Our official table tennis supplier TIBHAR is supporting the project with a donation of €4 per hit to benefit the children in Uganda. You too can contribute with a few spare minutes and a single table tennis shot. To top it all off, you can win fantastic prizes - taking part is worth it either way. 

All participants have the chance to win a €150 TIBHAR voucher and two tickets for the men's and women's singles table tennis finals at the European Championships 2022!  


table tennis rallies uploaded so far


table tennis rallies are our objective

Let´s bounce!

Let´s bounce!

Gather your family and friends and join the Munich 2022 digital table tennis rally!

  • Film yourself with your smartphone or camera in landscape mode returning a table tennis ball.
  • Make sure that the table and you are completely visible in the video.
  • Try to film yourself in the same position as you can see in the picture on the right.The perspective should simulate that of your opponent.
  • Upload your short clip/ multiple clips/ a video with different participants to our website. 

At the end of the month, we will edit all submitted clips into one video and publish it on our website and social channels. You don't have a racket or a table tennis table? No problem - get creative and use a book, a regular table, or other objects to play table tennis with! 

Slum Ping Pong
Slum Ping Pong
Slum Ping Pong

Slum Ping Pong

Slum Ping Pong aims to change the lives of children and teenagers living in the slums of Uganda through table tennis. The project enables free regular table tennis lessons and offers educational support as well as consultation from coaches. Our Class of 22 athlete Sabine Winter is promoting Slum Ping Pong in Germany and has been an ambassador for the children in Uganda for years. You can further support the project by donating towards the following crowdfunding campaign.

Facts & Figures

  • Objective: 1000 table tennis hits
  • Period: 01 to 30 November 2021 
  • Support: TIBHAR will donate €4 per hit towards Slum Ping Pong
  • Win: 1x €150 TIBHAR voucher & 1x two tickets for the men’s and women’s singles table tennis finals on 21 August 2022


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