Technology Roof

You want to experience science and research live? Then the Technology Roof powered by Fraunhofer is the place to be from 11-15 August. Here you will not only learn which exciting technologies will shape our future - you can also actively participate.

Brains and skill are needed at the cyber kicker to beat viruses and Trojans, as well as at the interactive quiz KIMBA, where you can test your knowledge of artificial intelligence. One or two answers are sure to surprise you. The Technology Roof also offers exciting insights into current research projects from the Fraunhofer world - from sports tracking technologies to the perfect, personalisable audio experience to virtual learning platforms with VR/AR glasses. You can also see a sustainable stand-up paddle (ecoSUP) made from old wind turbines. You'll learn how smart hotspot analysis works and can sample delicious vegan food made from sweet lupine.  

There's action too: in the "Fraunhofer Digital Escape Game", not only is time running out, but sweat too: important research data from the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is in danger of being lost forever and it's up to you to save it - in a race against time. Because you have to be quick to find the saving codes.  

What would research be without the clever minds behind it? All those interested in a career in research or who just want to get a taste of research are welcome to visit the Fraunhofer Recruiting Lounge. Here you will find opportunities for informative discussions as well as concrete job offers. 

Munich Startup will be taking over the Technology Roof from 16 August. More information will follow. In any case, you can be excited for what’s to come.