Ticket - FAQ

Here we answer all the important questions about ticketing.

It is prohibited to purchase tickets for commercial resale. In such cases, the tickets in question may be blocked, admission may be denied without any compensation and appropriate contractual penalties may be imposed.

A private transfer of a ticket for non-commercial purposes (in individual cases of illness or other hindrance) is permitted if it doesn’t fall under unauthorised transfer (please see section 4.1 of the ticketing GTCs). The new ticket holder must be expressly informed of the validity and content of our ticketing GTCs by the previous holder and must declare their agreement with their validity between the latter and the organisers.

In the case of transferring discounted tickets, the new holder must also fulfil the requirements for the discount.

European Championships Munich 2022 tickets can only be purchased from the organisers or the official ticketing partner, Ticketmaster. Secondary market platforms such as viagogo, Global Tickets, StubHub, etc. are non-authorised third-party sellers, and therefore, they cannot offer valid tickets. Tickets bought or sold on such platforms may be blocked. Admission may be denied without any compensation and appropriate penalties may be imposed.

In the ticket shop, you can book tickets for athletics, beach volleyball, canoe sprint, gymnastics, rowing, sport climbing, table tennis, and track cycling.


The entry to other competitions and the cultural festival The Roofs is free. You can find an overview of all events and schedules here

Tickets are available in our online shop or by calling +49 1806/999 000 822 (0.20 €/connection from a German landline / max. 0.60 €/connection from a German mobile network).

Groups of 10 or more can submit their request via the group booking form here.

The available tickets will be issued to visitors who have been vaccinated or have recovered (2G rule). The prerequisite for entering the venues is that the visitors present a COVID-19 vaccination certificate or a convalescent certificate, each in accordance with § 2 SchAusnahmV (COVID-19 Protective Measures Exemption Ordinance) and in conjunction with an official photo ID. Exceptions apply to children and young people up to and including the age of 12 and to visitors who cannot get vaccinated. 

The regulations in the Coronavirus Protection Ordinance can be relaxed or tightened by the State of Bavaria at any time. Irrespective of the ordinance, the Munich Public Health Department can also order further protective measures. The prevailing protection and hygiene regulations apply.

In this case, the legal regulations on protecting minors shall apply.

Sports competitions and cultural events:

  • Children from the age of 8 are allowed to attend until 9 p.m. – if accompanied by a parent or guardian, they can also be admitted after 9 p.m.
  • Children under the age of 8 are allowed to attend if accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Children from the age of 14 years who are not accompanied by a parent, or legal guardian must be able to prove their identity with an official identification document.

Other events (especially rock and pop concerts):

  • No admission for children under the age of 8.
  • Admission for children under the age of 14 only when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Other regulations may be imposed by the district administration.

The European Championships Munich 2022 competitions are, to large extent, open-air events, therefore the start and event execution depend on weather conditions. Without exception, the competition management of the organising sports federation in question decides on the starting time, interruptions, postponements, or even cancellations. The safety of the athletes and spectators is the major criteria for such decisions. The organisers do not influence this in any way.

In the case of unforeseen events or events outside their area of responsibility that make it impossible to hold the event, the organisers may cancel, postpone, or suspend the session in question.

Before arriving at the event venue, please make sure to check the weather report and visit www.munich2022.com as well as our social media channels for the event starting times, postponement or cancellation announcements, and protection and hygiene regulations in place.

In the event of a session postponement (applies to entire sessions only, and not to individual events within a session), the tickets remain valid.

In the event of a session being cancelled, the ticket price paid can be refunded on presentation of the respective ticket. In the event of cancellation of the entire event or individual sessions of an event day, only the ticket price paid will be refunded. Any accompanying costs such as hotel accommodation, travel costs or similar will not be refunded.

Prams are not permitted in ticketed areas, any grandstand, or indoors.

At the open spaces and cultural event areas, prams may be used if they do not pose a potential danger or obstacle to other visitors.

Drinks for personal use may be carried in Tetra Paks or plastic bottles with a maximum volume of 1 L per person.

In principle, when leaving the event area tickets lose their validity. However, a "re-entry" is possible if upon leaving the tickets are scanned by the organisers' service staff.

Upon re-entry, the respective admission regulations will continue to apply. Thus, security checks will be carried out once again.

Recordings for private purposes are allowed.

It is prohibited to record and/or transmit audio, photos, videos, descriptions, or event results for commercial or public purposes. The distribution and/or reproduction of sound, photographs, film, or video recordings of the event or parts of the event via internet, radio, television, data carriers, or other means is under no circumstances permitted.

Commute to the venue is included in all purchased tickets. With commisioned tickets, the printed MVV logo entitles the holder to use all means of public transport within the entire MVV area (zones M-6).

Electronic tickets that are saved in the smartphone wallet or printed out do not count as public transport tickets on their own! When ordering electronic tickets, you will receive a link which can be used to create a free MVV pass using the order number and the surname of the person ordering. Please follow the instructions in the email and on the electronic ticket itself.

For free tickets, press tickets, work tickets, etc. other regulations may apply.

Here our ticketing GTCs, the respective house and usage regulations, Olympiapark regulations, and the outdoor facilities regulations apply.

In addition, it is prohibited to bring the following items, among others:

  • Weapons of any kind and objects that can be used as weapons or as throwing objects;
  • Gas spray bottles, corrosive or colouring substances, or pressurised containers for highly flammable or health-damaging gases; except for commercially available pocket lighters;
  • Pyrotechnic materials such as fireworks, Bengal fires, smoke bombs, smoke powder, flares, sparklers, etc; 
  • Fire-hazardous objects, poles, sticks (except for people with walking difficulties; on presentation of a pass issued for persons with disabilities), etc;
  • Laser pointers;
  • Bulky objects such as ladders, stools, (folding) chairs, boxes, suitcases;
  • Bags and rucksacks with a volume of over 5 L. The security staff may check bags and backpacks at their discretion;
  • Prams are not permitted in the venue areas that may only be entered with tickets, nor in any stands or premises. In open areas and those of cultural events, pushchairs may be used with the restriction that they do not present a potential hazard to other visitors;
  • Flagpoles or banners that are not made of wood or that are longer than 1 m and/or not larger than 3 cm diameter. The permitted flags and banners that are brought to the event shall be made of flame-retardant materials; 
  • Large banners (over 1.0 m²), large quantities of paper, wallpaper rolls, or confetti, etc. 
  • Posters, emblems, and other objects (including clothing items) which serve the purpose of unlawful expression of opinion (e.g., racist, xenophobic, radical right-wing or left-wing, anti-Semitic, National Socialist or political propaganda materials);
  • Drugs that fall under the German Narcotic Drugs Act (BtMG);
  • Animals of any kind (with the exception of guide and assistance dogs prior to the agreement with the operators/event organisers);
  • Noise-making instruments that may disturb other visitors or disrupt the event, e.g., megaphones, air horns;
  • Glass containers and bottles, cans, or other objects made of glass or other fragile, splintering, or particularly hard materials and which, due to their nature, may cause injury;
  • Any beverage containers with a volume of over 1 L per person;
  • Food in the amount that is clearly not for immediate personal consumption.

For security purposes webcams and video cameras are installed at some of the venues. The events will also be broadcasted and recorded on television. Following item 7.4 of the ticketing GTCs, visitors when purchasing their tickets to the venues irrevocably give their consent to the organisers, and therefore the organisers have the right to make images and sound recordings of the visitors or have them made by third parties in order to use, reproduce, broadcast or use them in any audio-visual media or have this done by third parties without any payment or remuneration.

Yes, we have planned various food and drink stalls on-site.

Ticket orders are binding and final. The seats cannot be changed in any way.

Upgrades to commercial hospitality tickets however are possible upon request by email to commercial-hospitality@munich2022.com and are subject to availability.

Ticket orders are binding and final; they cannot be subsequently changed or cancelled. Following §312g, section 2, no. 9 of the German Civil Code (BGB), customers do not have a two-week right to cancel or return the purchased tickets.

As a rule, lost or damaged tickets cannot be replaced.

However, electronic tickets can be reprinted or redownloaded into the wallet from the email sent to you or from your Ticketmaster account. Please note that the code is only valid once at the time of entry - regardless of how often you download/save your ticket or have it printed out.

In case of faulty tickets, you shall notify us immediately (before the start of the event). Please contact tickets@munich2022.com stating the occurred error and return the ticket. Otherwise, once the event starts, all claims for return or a ticket replacement for the event in question will be forfeited.

There is no cancellation policy as per German law. Ticket orders are binding and final. Once the ticket is purchased it cannot be subsequently changed or returned.

Most single tickets are valid for the entire day. The only exception are the athletics competitions in Olympiastadion, which are divided into two sessions per day (morning and evening sessions) from Monday to Friday. You can buy tickets for the individual sessions as well as day passes or combined tickets. Between the two sessions, Olympiastadion shall be completely cleared. During this time owners of day passes, or combined tickets must also leave the stadium. They can re-enter with the same tickets at the start of the second session. On the weekend, also in athletics, there will be only one session per day. 

Internet connection is required only to download the electronic ticket.

Once you save the electronic ticket as a PDF file in your smartphone or the wallet or print it, you no longer require an internet connection.

Commercial hospitality tickets are sold in the best event categories and include food and beverages that are served in private boxes.

You can request commercial hospitality tickets by emailing commercial-hospitality@munich2022.com

With free seating tickets, you can choose any available seat in a booked category. There is no fixed row or a seat on such tickets. If you want to secure the best seats, we advise you to arrive early.

Visual obstruction means that the view from the seat in subject is restricted. This may be due to architectural obstructions such as handrails or pillars, television cameras, or advertising boards.

Please note that ticket orders are binding and final. They cannot be changed or cancelled at a later stage. When booking seats with restricted visibility, please make sure that you are satisfied with the selected seats before purchasing.

For some events in Beach Volleyball and Sport Climbing, there is the possibility to buy so-called Save Your Seat Tickets. Admission to these events is free. However, with a Save Your Seat Ticket you can secure a seat. By that entry and re-entry to the event is guaranteed at all times.

Combined ticket holders are entitled to attend the Save Your Seat Sessions.

Please note that there is free seating within the Save Your Seat area. The seat details printed on your ticket or combined ticket therefore have no meaning for these events.

An electronic ticket can either be saved on a mobile device in the wallet or can be printed at home. Once payment is received, your ticket will be sent to you by email. Please also check your spam folder.

The easiest way is to download the ticket from the email to your smartphone wallet and have the QR code scanned at the entrance. Alternatively, you can download the ticket on your PC as a DIN-A4 page in PDF format, print it out, and bring it with you to the event for identification. The barcode printed on the ticket is decisive for admission. Please take care of your ticket (do not crumple it, do not get it wet, etc.). If your ticket is damaged, it may not scan properly, and you will not be allowed to enter.

Regardless of how often you save the ticket digitally or have it printed; the code is only valid once at the time of entry.

For the sake of the environment, we kindly ask you to avoid printing your ticket if possible and use the digital version instead.

There are single and combined tickets.

Single tickets are valid for a single sporting session. Commissioned tickets will be sent by post, whereas an electronic ticket can be downloaded into a mobile wallet or as a printable file.

Combined tickets are valid for all or several sessions of a sport, depending on the subtype. They can be ordered in form of a high-quality card made of environmentally friendly material, including a lanyard to wear around your neck, or as an electronic ticket (for wallet or as a printable file). For more information on combined tickets and special offers in the various sports, please click here.

To order tickets in the online shop, a new user account must be created. Existing Ticketmaster accounts cannot be used for the European Championships Munich 2022 ticket shop. When ordering tickets by telephone on +49 1806-999000-822 (0.20 €/connection from a German landline / max. 0.60 €/connection from a German mobile network), a user account will be created for you by the service staff.

Electronic tickets will be sent to your email address within 60 minutes after payment receipt. During this time, please check your inbox as well as the spam folder.

Alternatively, you can also access the tickets by logging into your Munich 2022 ticket shop account. If you can neither find your tickets in your emails nor in your customer account, please contact tickets@munich2022.com.

Tickets that you ordered using standard post as the delivery method should be sent to you within the next five work days (applicable for Germany). For international shipments, delivery times may vary. In exceptional cases, it may take a few days longer. Your shipment could also have been dropped off at a neighbour's house. If your order doesn't arrive within seven days, please contact our customer service at tickets@munich2022.com.  

Tickets can be purchased in the online shop via credit card, Klarna Sofortüberweisung and PayPal. To order by telephone you need to provide an e-mail address so we can send you a link after the call. You can then pay for your tickets with the payment methods mentioned above. If this is not possible, for example because you do not have an e-mail address, the payment can in some execptions be made on the phone via credit card.

It is possible that at the time of your booking, certain seats were in the shopping cart of other customers who did not complete their order. It is also possible that changes in production technology may release new contingents that can be later put up for sale.

Please note that the ticket orders are binding and final. They cannot be changed or cancelled. So please make sure you are happy with the seats you have chosen before purchasing.

You must be connected to the internet to add your mobile ticket to your smartphone wallet. Once it is downloaded and added to your wallet, you no longer need an internet connection to use it. 

You will receive a booking confirmation email with your mobile ticket. Next to each booked ticket you will find two buttons to either add your ticket to Apple Wallet on your iPhone or to the wallet app on your Android device. For Android users, we recommend either of the “WalletPasses” or “PassWallet” apps.  

You must confirm that the mobile ticket should indeed be transferred to the wallet app on your smartphone. 

Simply forward the booking confirmation email including the mobile tickets to your friends and family for them to download their respective mobile ticket. 

The mobile ticket must be presented in its original format - either in the wallet app or as the downloaded PDF - on the smartphone upon entry. Screenshots or photos are not accepted. 

Tickets for wheelchair users and for persons with disabilities can be obtained by calling +49 1806/999000822 (0,20 €/connection from a German landline / max. 0,60 €/connection from a German mobile network).

Wheelchair users pay the discounted price in price category 2; please note that one accompanying person is entitled to free entry.

Persons with disabilities are entitled to discounted tickets; please note that persons with disabilities may take along one accompanying person for free if their ID contains a mark entitling to take along an accompanying person (in Germany a “B” mark). The corresponding proof of entitlement must be presented at the entrance.

Children up to 3 years old are admitted free without entitlement to seats. A free ‘lap ticket’ for children under the age of three shall be booked by telephone on +49 1806/999000822 (0.20 €/connection from a German landline / max. 0.60 €/connection from a German mobile network). No admission without a ticket. Tickets are subject to availability.

Children of 4 to 14 years old receive a 50% discount on single tickets and a 20% discount on combined tickets in price categories 1-4. 

Clubs receive an additional free ticket for every 10 individual tickets purchased in price categories 1-4. The easiest way to book is via the online form here

Discounts are available in price categories 1-4 for all events, and applicable for both single and combined tickets.

People with disabilities (without entitlement to take along an accompanying person), as well as schoolchildren, trainees, students up to 27 years old, the unemployed, "Munich Pass" holders and pensioners or persons over 65 years old, receive a 20% discount. The corresponding proof of eligibility must be presented at the entrance.

Children from 4 to 14 years old receive a 50% discount on single tickets and a 20% discount on combined tickets.

Your contribution supports an afforestation project in eastern Nicaragua.  In total, all climate contributions go into the internationally recognised carbon offset project with Verified Carbon Standard, which has afforested more than one million plants of a native species of giant clumping bamboo, covering 2,361 hectares while protecting an additional 1,000 hectares of old forest as a conservation zone.

In addition to the climate measures that we are implementing within the event organisation, we have calculated the average carbon footprint of a visitor per event day including travel activites, catering and accommodation in partnership with ClimatePartner. With a voluntary climate contribution of €1.40 per ticket, you can offset the unavoidable CO2 emissions of your event visit.