UNITED - We are ONE Munich 2022 family!

Just like our festival “The Roofs”, the sixth Count & Last project offers space for art to unfold itself and combines sport with creativity. Sport comprises so many different facets, standing for a multitude of values. One of them is unity! European Championships Munich 2022 views this as part of its self-image and put being UNITED in the foreground this month. 

What does being UNITED mean to you in sports? Whether it is a successfully hitting a training goal or a moment of support and motivation from parents or coaches. You have shared your personal interpretations with us! Whether painted, handicrafts, written or simply a photo on your mobile phone.

Even after the end of the project you can still upload your photo!

There were no limits to your choice of motives and creativity. Together with Kunstlabor 2 all submitted sports moments photos will be transformed into a complete work of art, which will be exhibited during The Roofs - because together we are ONE Munich 2022 family!


UNITED moments uploaded so far


UNITED moments are our objective



Thanks to all the UNITED moments that were sent to us as photos.

They show us which sporting moments teamspirit and being UNITED were particularly influential for our community. Whether a sporting highlight with your teammates or a gesture of partnership that brings a smile to your face. 

Of course, we will notify you as soon as possible on the website as well as on our social media channels where to find your photo on the Munich 2022 artwork. Among all photo entries we gave away tickets for our event and free tickets for KUNSTLABOR 2.

Facts & Figures

  • Objective: 222 UNITED moments in sport
  • Time frame: 01-28 February 2022 
  • Upload: here
  • What should be on the photo? Your personal UNITED moment in sports
  • Where will the work of art be exhibited? At The Roofs festival from 11-21 August 2022


Saskia Hahn

In cooperation with

Muca EN